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PhD Thesis Title: Security, Politics and Public Opinion in the Republic of Ireland during the 'Troubles' 1968-1998.

Principal Supervisor: Dr Peter McLoughlin

Secondary Supervisor: Professor Fearghal McGarry 


Outline of current research project: My current project will examine Dublin's response to the 'Troubles', with particular emphasis on its security activities. I will build upon my MA dissertation, which focused on similar lines of research, to track shifts in the Republic of Ireland's policy over the period in question in order to critically re-assess Dublin's approach to tackling the Provisional Irish Republican Army, showing how it was shaped by both British initiatives, and key developments in Northern Ireland. Moreover, this research will pay particular attention to how Irish public opinion, itself affected by British actions, conditioned the security efforts of the administration in the South, thereby contributing to our understanding of how counterinsurgency interacts with, and is influenced by, political opinion. 

‌Brief Biography: Prior to starting at Queen's University, I studied at the University of Sheffield for four years, undertaking a BA in History and MA in Modern History. My principle area of research is the Northern Irish 'Troubles', with the counterinsurgency efforts of the British and Irish states being the specific aspects of the conflict my work revolves around. I am also interested in the revolutionary period that took place in Ireland following the Easter Rising, and have previously studied the counter-intelligence efforts of the Irish Republican Army during the Irish War of Independence. 


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