Dr Jonathan A. Lanman


Dr. Lanman's research addresses two areas in the scientific study of religion.

1) Atheism & Secularisation: His work on atheism and secularization aims to provide an account of why some individuals become theists and others become non-theists, why some nations have much higher proportions of non-theists than others, and why some non-theists engage in anti-religious social action.

2) Religious Identity, Ritual, and Self-Sacrifice: His work on religion and self-sacrifice aims to provide an account of the relative contributions of belief, ritual, values, and identity in explaining individual willingness to die for a religious group.

For further detail of Dr. Lanman's research, see: https://youtu.be/4XnCnK7kdf8

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Dr Lanman is open to PhD applications in the fields of; 

  • Cognitive Anthropology of Religion & Ritual
  • Cognitive Anthropology of Atheism
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Research students

PhD Title: A Cognitive Anthropological Examination of the Relationship between Catholic Scandals and Irish Secularisation

Name: Hugh Turpin
Years of Study: 4
Country: Ireland

PhD Title: Coalition, Content, or Both? Identity Fusion and Afterlife Beliefs as Motivators for Self-Sacrifice

Name: Nicholas Brown
Years of Study: 4
Country: United States of America


PhD Title: "Vodou economics": Contagious and reciprocal exchanges in New Orleans Vodou

Name: Samuel Ward
Years of Study: 3
Country: United Kingdom


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