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Professor Gray’s research is in the history of British-Irish relations c.1800–70, especially the political history of the Great Famine 1845–50, the politics of poverty and land and British governance in Ireland.

He is researching the Ulster radical William Sharman Crawford. He has wider interests in the history of nineteenth-century political economy and social thought, in comparative imperial and famine history (especially Ireland and India), in historical memory and commemoration, and the history of 20th-century Northern Ireland.

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I am open to PhD applications in the fields of…

  • Nineteenth-century Irish history
  • Comparative famine history
  • Pre-Troubles history of Northern Ireland
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Research students

PhD Title: Poverty, poor relief and public health in Belfast c.1800-1851

Name: Robyn Atcheson
Years of Study: 2012-17
Country: Northern Ireland

PhD Title: A nineteenth-century Irish coroner: William Charles Waddell (1846-76)

Name: Michelle McCann
Years of Study: 2014- present
Country: USA


PhD Title: Power, profit, plantocracy and the 2nd Earl Belmore

Name: Grace McGrath
Years of Study: 2013- present
Country: Northern Ireland

Research students

PhD Title: Soldiers, politics and Empire: Ireland, Egypt and the Sudan, 1882-1900

Name: Fergal O’Leary
Years of Study: 2011- present
Country: Ireland

PhD Title: Emyr Estyn Evans and the cultural identity of Ulster, c.1929-1969

Name: Lauren Taylor
Years of Study: 2013- present
Country: Northern Ireland


PhD Title: Education, famine, and conversion: Evangelical missions’ strategies and accusations of Souperism in Catholic Ireland, 1800-1869

Name: Karina Wendling
Years of Study: 2017- present
Country: France


Alumni: where are they now?

Dr Sarah Roddy

PhD Title: The churches and emigration from nineteenth-century Ireland

Years of Study: 2006-10
Country: Ireland
Current position: Lecturer in History, University of Manchester

Dr Pamela Linden

PhD Title: Jewish identity and community in Belfast, 1920-48

Years of Study: 2012-16
Country: Northern Ireland
Current position: Outreach Officer, Imperial War Museum, London

Dr Peter Ludlow

PhD Title: The Newfoundland-Irish in industrial Cape Breton, 1880-1920

Years of Study: 2006-10
Country: Canada
Current position: Institutional Historian, Episcopal Corporation of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

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