MA Anthropology

MA Anthropology

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Have you studied Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Irish studies, Cognition and Culture or Conflict Studies in the past, and do you wish to build on this experience through further anthropological study and ethnographic research?

The MA in Anthropology enables students to acquire an advanced understanding of the theoretical and methodological traditions associated with anthropology. Our MA in Anthropology is either a foundation for doctoral research or can be a means of furthering your personal and professional development. Our students specialise by choosing one of five specialisations.

  1. The Social Anthropology strand offers insights in key anthropological debates, and covers topical theoretical issues such as identity politics, globalisation, embodiment, memory, emotions and the senses.
  2. In the Anthropology of Ireland strand, students gain in-depth knowledge of anthropological approaches to Irish politics, the history of the Troubles, current reconciliation policies, the Irish Diaspora and a variety of cultural practices.
  3. The study of conflict in different parts of the world is an essential focus in the Anthropology of Conflict strand. 
  4. The strand Cognition and Culture enables students to acquire an advanced understanding of the theoretical and methodological traditions associated with the study of cognition and culture. 
  5. Students specialising in the ‘Ethnomusicology strand gain a deep understanding of music making in local and global settings around the world. 

Students in all strands take five compulsory modules and one elective module, and conduct original research on a topic of their own choice.  By choosing to explore themes relevant to their specialisation for each module assignment, and focusing on their specialisation in their research-based dissertation, students will gain both specialist knowledge and develop good knowledge of wider anthropological themes and debates.

The research project is supervised by a member of staff, and is completed at the end of the year (in September) with an MA dissertation. MA students also participate in the Postgraduate seminar, engaging in debates with PhD students, and are encouraged to co-organise a Postgraduate Conference. Our MA students have the option to join one of the musical ensembles and perform in the ethnomusicology concert.

Anthropology MA Programme

For the degree of MA in Anthropology, students are expected to complete a year of full-time study or up to three years of part-time study. The programme consists of modules that provide training in theory and method, followed by a period of research leading to the dissertation. You will also participate in the weekly Anthropology Postgraduate Seminar where Diploma/MA/PhD students present their on-going research and in addition attend the weekly Anthropology Research Seminar where established academics discuss their work. Students also have the option to audit an undergraduate module and participate in various music ensembles.

Programme Structure 

Semester 1

AHS7001: Concepts, Issues and Methods in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

ANT7008: Advanced Anthropological Perspectives

ANT7009: Anthropology: Ethnography and Evolution 


Semester 2

ANT7007: Advanced Anthropological Methods 

ANT7052: Negotiated Topic

ANT7053: MA Specialisation


From February to 15 September

ANT7014: Dissertation (Preparation, research and write-up)