MA History Modules

MA History Structure

Full time students will take 3 modules per semester, with the dissertation module to be completed by mid-September.All students will take the core modules (c) and choose the option modules (o) most suitable to their pathway. All students should take either MHY7025 or MHY 7077 in Semester 2. With permission, a module from another MA pathway may be chosen as an alternative option. The MA Co-ordinator can provide guidance with module choice.

Semester 1 Semester 2
MHY7011 (o) - Individually Negotiated Topic                                           MHY7020 (c) - Becoming a Historian
MHY7035 (c) - Concepts in History MHY7089 (o) - Case Studies in History (ALL strands except Irish History)
MHY7088 (o) - Auditing a level 3 module MHY7081 (o) - Topics in Irish History (Irish History ONLY)
MHY7077 (o) - Public History Internship (Public History students only) MHY7077 (o) - Public History Internship
AHS7001 (c) - Concepts, Issues and Methods in Arts, Humanities and Sciences MHY7025 (o) - Working with Archives
  MHY7010 (c) - MA Dissertation