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About Us

The world-class School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast has been a major cornerstone of the University since its foundation. This proud heritage means that both its work and its graduates have been recognised nationally and internationally.

By providing high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate training in Medicine, Dentistry and a range of Biomedical Science subjects, the School can and has delivered life-changing quality experiences to our students. Most importantly, this University recognises that knowledge knows no boundaries, and Queen’s is competing increasingly strongly in the global higher education market place.

The School has strong links with leading institutions across the world, cementing relationships with China through a £2.3 million Science Bridge Project and forging research links with leading universities in India and Malaysia, and with the Malaysian oil giant Petronas.

In the United States, we have deepening our relationship with Georgetown University and the University of Massachusetts at Lowell adding a further dimension to transatlantic relations.

The School has already begun to develop close linkages with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Industry, Invest Northern Ireland, a number of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and one of its top priorities is the development of new biotech spinout opportunities by its staff.

A number of new biotech companies, which between them employ over 200 people, have already been developed by Principal Investigators from within the School, including Fusion Antibodies, Almac Diagnostics, iPath Diagnostics. This approach will strengthen the reputations of Queen’s and Northern Ireland as major centres for the development of innovative companies within the health and biomedical sciences sector. It will also ensure close collaboration between private enterprise, the University sector and the Health Service.

The School is also attracting the very best staff and intend to continue to recruit the best thinkers, innovators, clinicians and scientists from across the world. In order to achieve this, the University has already begun a very significant investment in research infrastructure, buildings, equipment and facilities, and to date has spent over £90 million with a further £85 million expenditure anticipated over the course of the next five years.

This enormous investment in infrastructure has also been underpinned by an ambitious global recruitment drive to appoint to a significant number of new academic and clinical academic positions to the School, half of which are at Professorial level.

The scale of this exercise allows us to attract research groups and this ultimately will result in a major increase in the number of high-quality senior staff who have the expertise, motivation and know-how to contribute to the development of a global School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, and to position Northern Ireland and Queen’s as an international player in Medicine.