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The School has a long record of attracting high-calibre staff and will continue to recruit the best thinkers, innovators, clinicians and scientists from across the world.

In order to achieve this, the University has invested more than £90 million in research infrastructure, buildings, equipment and facilities, with a further £85 million expenditure anticipated over the course of the next five years, in creating a world class Institute of Health Sciences and Health Sciences Campus.

Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology

Investment to date has included the building of the new flagship Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology building. The Centre has forged ahead as a global leader with its first-class facilities and was designated as a Cancer Research UK Centre in 2009 in association with Northern Ireland's Health and Social Care Research and Development Office and the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.?

Health Sciences Building – Centre for Infection and Immunity

The new Health Sciences Building, housing the Centre for Infection and Immunity, opened in 2010 and houses clinical and basic science researchers working to develop new avenues for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as respiratory infection,measles, asthma and associated allergic, diseases.

Wellcome-Wolfson Building – Centre for Experimental Medicine

The Centre for Experimental Medicine which is focused on the pathogenesis and treatment of major retinal and microvascular disorders. The Centre has just been awarded £4.8m through the Wellcome-Wolfson Capital Awards Initiative towards developing a new Research facility, due to open in 2014.

Institute of Clinical Sciences on the RVH Campus

There are plans to further develop the Centre for Public Health, the work of which centres on the epidemiological and genetic risk factors that are important for the health of the individual and the population at large, as well as developing screeningand interventions to reduce the burden ofchronic disease in the future. The Centre also has a major focus on nutrition andobesity which is fast becoming a majorsocietal problem. A number of staff withinthe Centre, in collaboration with othersin Queen's and externally, were awarded a UKCRC five-year, £5million grant to create one of five national UK Centres of Excellence in Public Health.

Wellcome Trust-Wolfson Northern Ireland Clinical Research Facility

The new Wellcome Trust Clinical Research facility which is currently being developed by the University in partnership with the Belfast HSC Trust, the University of Ulster and the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care R&D Division will be critical to the further development of clinical and translational research activity.