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The University has invested more than £100 million in research and teaching  infrastructure across the Health Sciences and Royal Victoria Hospital Campuses, and will invest a further £350m in buildings and facilities across the University over the next ten years to support the University’s Vision 2020. 

Medical Biology Centre (MBC) - Health Sciences Campus

Adjacent to the WMB is the Medical Biology Centre houses three large lecture theatres, the purpose built Clinical Skills Education Centre and the Biomedical Library. There are extensive catering facilities onsite and wireless access provision.

Clinical Skills Education Centre - Health Sciences Campus

The Clinical Skills Education Centre is located on the second floor of the MBC. It provides both clinical skills training, revision and assessment and is used extensively by medical students and doctors in training. Clinical skills training spans all years of the medical undergraduate curriculum ranging from basic life support training in year 1 to high-fidelity simulation training in years 4 and 5. The centre also provides the resources and accommodation to deliver all the Objectively Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) for the undergraduate course.

Anatomy and Histology Teaching Facilities - Health Sciences Campus

A Virtual Histology Microscopy suite is located within the Medical Biology Centre along with two recently refurbished state-of-the-art and audio-visually equipped gross anatomy laboratories.  The Medical Biology Centre also hosts two modern physiology teaching laboratories and a workshop.

Whitla Medical Building - Health Sciences Campus

The School's main office, Postgraduate Office, Centre for Medical Education and Centre for Biomedical Education offices are all located in the Whitla Medical Building (WMB). The building also houses three large seminar rooms on the first floor and within the foyer of the WMB is a meeting place with wireless provision.

Centre for Dentistry - Royal Victoria Hospital Campus

Approximately £1 million has been invested in the last five years to ensure Dentistry has the most modern clinical facilities of any UK Dental School. Located within the School of Dentistry Building on the Royal Hospitals campus,  90 dental chairs are provided for undergraduate dental teaching as well as NHS clinics.  In addition, Queen's facilities include 2 dedicated lecture/seminar rooms, tutorial rooms, as well as a newly refurbished Dental Clinical Skills Laboratory and other laboratory facilities where students are taught in a simulated environment before treating patients.

Mulhouse - Royal Victoria Hospital Campus

The Mulhouse building has been extensively refurbished as a base for clinical academic staff and medical students on the Royal Victoria Hospital site. The building also houses the Medical library and five large seminar rooms.   It also houses the NI Cancer Registry at Queen's.  Two large lecture theatres are located in the neighbouring Institute of Clinical Science.

Libraries - Health Sciences, Royal Victoria and Main Campuses

  • Medical Library is located on the ground floor of the Mulhouse building adjacent to the Centre for Medical Education. For further details including opening times please refer to the Medical Library page on the main university website.
  • Biomedical Sciences Library is situated on the ground floor along with a Student Computing Area with printing facilities, Wireless access, three large lecture theatres and catering services. For further details including opening times please refer to the Biomedical Library page on the main university website.
  • McClay Library is located in College Park at the top of Botanic Avenue.  For further details including opening times please refer to the the McClay Library page on the main university website.

Queen's Sporting Facilities

Our students have been part of Queen's University's great sporting tradition and as one of the UK and Ireland's leading Universities, we have always been at the forefront of sporting provision and opportunities.

The facilities at Queen's Sport are second to none, attracting students, student clubs, staff members, graduates and members of the public. Whatever your interest - performance sport or just for recreation - you are sure to find an activity for you!