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The school offers support for mid-career academics who are clinical trainees at ACF, AF2 or are undertaking PhD/MD research degrees. Mentees on the scheme will be matched with a senior mentor from another Centre within the School. Through the INSPIRE mentoring scheme, support is also available for undergraduate students who are intercalating.

Following a successful pilot scheme in 2014-2015, the School of Medicine, Dentistry & Biomedical Sciences has launched a Mentoring Scheme to support and nurture early and mid-career academics. Mentees on the scheme will be matched with a senior mentor from another Centre within the School. This Scheme is open to:

  1. Clinical Academic Trainees (CATP) – ACF and
  2. Clinical Research Fellows (CRF)
  3. Post-Doctoral Researchers (PDRA)

The INSPIRE mentoring scheme was launched as a pilot in November 2015 and is aimed at undergraduate students who are intercalating, have intercalated or are members of the QUAMS committee.  This scheme will support and nurture medical students who may be considering a career in academic medicine.  Mentees on the scheme have the opportunity to be matched with a senior mentor from within the School. 

Mentees on both School schemes meet regularly with their mentor during scheduled meetings, where they will have a chance to reflect and discuss any aspect of their professional, personal and career development which might be helpful, in confidence.  Once matched, mentors and mentees will be expected to meet regularly over a one year period. 

Mentoring for ACLs is available through a national scheme in the Academy of Medical Sciences.

If you would like to find out more about mentoring opportunities please contact Mrs Claire Kelly, Professional Development Secretary.