Current Students

Dear Student,


Welcome to Queens and in particular to that part of it where you will be based, the Centre for Biomedical Sciences Education. You have joined an academic fraternity of people who have a deep interest in the biomedical sciences and their application in understanding and treating disease. You may be at the junior end of this fraternity, but with diligent study, you will gain knowledge and skills each year as we seek to optimise your potential, towards employment or further study.


You are privileged to live at a time when the potential offered by the Human Genome Project is being realised, providing powerful research tools that will open the door for effective treatments of diseases, previously considered incurable.


Our mission is to oversee and guide you through this part of your academic life. We provide outstanding facilities, staffed by award winning teachers and world class researchers. Use that expertise and become the best you can be. Good luck with your studies.


Dr Stephen McCullough

Acting Director