Advisors of Studies

Each undergraduate student will be assigned to an Advisor of Studies. 

The Advisors of Studies for the Centre for Biomedical Sciences Education are: 


Ms Samantha Taylor (Level 1)

First Floor, Whitla Medical Building

Tel: 028 9097 2143


Dr Etain Tansy (Level 2)

First Floor, Whitla Medical Building

Tel: 028 9097 2315


Dr Christopher Johnson (Level 3)

First Floor, Whitla Medical Building

Tel: 028 9097 2092 email:

The Role of Advisors of Studies is to play a central role with regard to your academic studies.
The role of Advisor of Studies is to:

  • Monitor academic progress
  • Advisors of Studies will oversee enrolment and ensure that students are appropriately enrolled
  • Offer advice, guidance and support to students
  • Permit module changes (if applicable) 
  • Refer students to other sources of guidance within the University eg:
    Student Health,
    Student Finance,
    Student Counselling Service,
    Careers Service,
    Disability Services

If a student’s attendance is giving cause for concern, this will be reported to the Advisor of Studies by the relevant Module Co-ordinator.  The Advisor of Studies may require that the student attends a meeting.

Your Advisor of Studies will advise with regard to Study Regulations (within General Regulations of the University).

If a student is applying for the year placement, permission MUST be granted by the Advisor of Studies.

Advisors of Studies are members of Student Support Team. A number of students will encounter difficulties during their University careers – these difficulties may have or have the potential to have a significant effect on academic studies. If you are facing such difficulties, you must arrange an appointment with your Advisor of Studies at the earliest opportunity to enable your Advisor to guide you and discuss academic options with you.

Please remember that your Advisor of Studies is here to offer support and academic guidance. Do not hesitate to contact your Advisor at any time.