Level 2 Modules 2012/2013


Level 2 Semester 1  Autumn  
Module Module Title Co-ordinator
BBC2012 Molecular Genetics   Dr K Panov
BMS2007 Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology Dr Etain Tansey 
BMS2016 Immunobiology Dr Adrien Kissenpfennig
BMS2023 Pathobiology Prof Ken Mills
BMS2026 Cells and Tissues Dr Aisling Keane
BMS2027   Drugs and the Human Body Dr Laura Montgomery
  Semester 2 Spring  
ALU2008 Diet and Health Dr Geraldine Cuskelly
BMS2001 Topographical Anatomy 1 Ms Samantha Taylor
BMS2008 Exercise and Applied Physiology   Dr Sean Roe
BMS2014 Scientific Methods/Statistics   Dr William Allen / Dr Chris Cardwell
BMS2015 Molecular Cell Biology Dr William Allen
BMS2017 Biomedical Science in Practice Dr Eilish Donnelly
BMS2028 Human Physiological Measurement Dr Chris Johnson