Staff Student Consultative Committee


Staff Student Consultative Committee

The purpose of SSCCs is:

1. to ensure that schools and institutes receive evaluation and feedback from students on the quality of their academic provision and associated activities;

2.  to provide a mechanism whereby heads of schools and institutes can seek the views of students on matters of policy related to course development and review;

3.  to enable discussion of areas of concern for students in terms of academic provision and related activities.

For example comments could concern

·   the curriculum

·   teaching and learning

·   guidance

·   resources

·   feedback

·   accommodation

This list is not exhaustive.


The membership

A SSCC will be made up of numbers of the academic staff and students of the Centre. Early in the first semester, you will be asked to take part in the nomination and election of student representative/s for your Stage. It is important that you know who your SSCC representatives are and that you ensure they raise issues on your behalf.


Conduct of meetings

Every SSCC should ideally meet twice in each semester. A written agenda will be issued before each meeting. Any member may have items included on the agenda, providing they are within the committee’s competence. Students in the Centre are entitled to have access to the minutes through the appropriate facility.


Resolving disputes

If there is a disagreement which cannot be resolved within a SSCC, it may appeal to the School Board and seek the assistance of the Vice-President (Education) of the Students’ Union.



The Students’ Union will organise training sessions each year for student representatives on SSCCs.


SSCC Course Reps for 2015/16


Level 1:

Peter Ferris ( - BMS

Level 2:

James Irwin ( – BMS

Andrew Kenny ( – BMS

Megan McMahon ( – HB

Level 3:

Melissa Flynn ( – BMS

Rachel Sullivan ( – HB


Mostafa Salem (



Ms Samantha Taylor

1st Floor Whitla Medical Building

Phone no: +44 (0)28 9097 2143