Submission of Coursework

Submission of Assessed Coursework

You must submit work for continual assessment (essays, reports, projects, practical write-ups, etc) by the deadline designated by the relevant module co-ordinator.

Unless otherwise instructed, coursework should be submitted to the Centre of Biomedical Sciences Education general office, first floor, Whitla Medical Building.

Assessed work submitted after the deadline will be penalised at the rate of 5% of the total marks available for each working day late up to a maximum of five working days, after which a mark of zero shall be awarded. Where the assessed work element accounts for a certain proportion of the module mark, the 5% penalty will apply to the assessed element mark only and not to the overall module mark. 
Exemptions shall be granted only if there are extenuating circumstances, and where the student has made a case in writing to the Centre Manager within three working days of the deadline for submission.  Work submitted late will only be considered for an exemption of the late submission penalty, if accompanied by the Exceptional Circumstances Form, also available from the Centre Office.  A list of guidelines on acceptable extenuating circumstances is available from the Quality Assurance and Partnerships office or at