Photograph by Laura Elliott

Dental Student wins National Trust Photography Competiton

Laura Elliott (3rd year Queen’s University dental student) has won a National Trust photography competition with a picture taken on her smartphone.

The picture is of a bee hovering above a foxglove, which was taken in her parents’ garden in Co Fermanagh, and will be featured in the spring edition of the National Trust magazine.

Although studying dentistry keeps Laura very busy, she tries to find time when she travels home to Enniskillen at the weekends to get out and take photographs with her smart phone or digital camera.  She developed her interest in photography when at school where she studied A level Art at the Enniskillen collegiate grammar.

Laura explained how she took the photograph: " It was late in the afternoon and this little bee caught my eye as he was bobbing about amongst the flowers. I initially took a few photographs of the bee when he had settled on a flower. I wanted to try out something different and wanted to capture the bee in motion. I waited patiently, there was just enough light and just as the bee was about to enter one of the individual fox glove heads I managed to capture my picture."

Faculty of Dentistry, RCSI, award inaugural Professor John McGimpsey Prize

This photograph shows Caoimhe (centre) receiving her Award from Professor Donald Burden, Director Centre for Dental Education, Queens University Belfast (right) and Professor Gerard Kearns, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry RCSI (left). The photograph in the background shows the late Professor McGimpsey.

The Faculty of Dentistry at RCSI recognises the talent and potential of our dental students. This year, the Faculty awarded the Professor John McGimpsey Prize for the first time to Ms Caoimhe McVeigh, a final year dental student at Queen’s University Belfast. Professor John McGimpsey, Consultant in Oral Sugery, was Director of Teaching & Learning/ Department Head at the Queen’s University and Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast. He was also Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, RCSI, from 1998 – 2001.

The Faculty of Dentistry at RCSI is committed to the pursuit of excellence in dentistry both in Ireland and overseas. Recognising the potential of our dental students, the Faculty of Dentistry fosters a drive for excellence by awarding prizes, on an annual basis, to outstanding students within our dental schools. Further details of the Faculty, including further qualifications that may be gained by dentists, are available on


Left to right: Professor Kearns (Dean Faculty of Dentistry RCSI), Ms Caoimhe McVeigh (Award recipient), Mrs Pippa McGimpsey, Dr Peter Cowan (CEO and Former Dean, Faculty of Dentistry RCSI).


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NSS success for QUB dentistry


Queen’s final year dental students have rated their dental course as one of the best in the UK. 

The National Student Survey (NSS), conducted annually by Ipsos Mori, asks final year students to rate their satisfaction with their course in seven different categories.   

For its teaching and assessment and feedback QUB dental school was ranked first in the UK.  Indeed across all categories it maintained a strong position as one of the highest rated dental schools in the UK.

Within QUB itself, the dental school held top position for Overall Satisfaction and it also topped the University in the categories of Teaching, Assessment and Feedback and Academic Support , coming a close second in the remaining three.

The rankings are a reflection on the hard work and dedication of all staff involved in the dental programme and the support provided by the University.

Thanks should also go to the dental students who completed the Survey and gave support and endorsement to the learning experience they acquired at the QUB dental School. 

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Information on how to get dental treatment by undergraduate students

Queen’s University Dental School is offering dental treatment for adults who require straightforward treatment as part of the School’s student dentist training programme.

Could I have treatment at the Dental School?

If you would like free dental treatment by students-in-training, you:

  • must be available during the day - appointments begin at 9am and 1.45pm in term times and are likely to take at least 1 hour
  • must be able to come to all your appointments.  If you are unable to come to an appointment, an alternative date may not be offered as students have a limited time to complete their treatments.

If you meet these criteria, you will be given an initial appointment for an examination. This will assess whether you can be treated by students. It is not a consultation for treatment options.

If you are suitable you will have your treatment planned and will be allocated to a student. At the end of treatment, you will be discharged from the student clinic.

If your dental needs are not suitable for student treatment, you will be advised that you need to find a local dentist.

Types of treatments students can provide

You may be eligible if you require straightforward treatment such as:

  •        routine fillings
  •        simple gum treatment
  •        root canal fillings
  •        crowns

This service is not suitable if you need:

  •        dentures
  •        dental implants
  •        tooth whitening
  •        orthodontics

Is treatment by a student different?

Students work more slowly than a dentist so your appointment will take longer and you may need several appointments. However, all students' work is checked at relevant stages, so you can be sure that you are receiving a good standard of care.

How can I get an appointment?

If you meet our criteria above, you can request an assessment appointment and further information by contacting the appointments team,

By telephone on:  02890632733
By e-mail at:


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Advice for staff and students: suspected cases of Meningococcal Meningitis

The University and the Public Health Agency (PHA) were informed at the weekend of a case of meningococcal meningitis in a Queen’s University student. Since then a second suspected case of the disease has been reported. The Senior Medical Officer of the University has been working closely with the PHA since the weekend to ensure the effective implementation of necessary actions.

All appropriate Public Health and University measures have been taken and preventative antibiotics have been organised for contacts. Both students are in first year Dentistry and steps have been taken to offer antibiotics to all students in first year Dentistry and first year Medicine who share lectures, as a precautionary measure.

Although not particularly common in this age group, all young people aged 16-24 years old, particularly those attending University need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of meningitis.

Staff and students who may experience symptoms including severe headache, dislike of bright lights, vomiting, neck stiffness, a non-blanching rash and drowsiness should contact their GP or local A&E department immediately. Staff, students and young people should also watch out for these signs and symptoms in their friends.

The Public Health Agency and the University continue to work together to monitor the situation and will take further action if necessary.

Students should note that all classes are continuing as normal.

Further meningitis information can be found on the Health Protection website at or

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