Student Stories

Jacqueline Liu

Jacqueline Liu, 5th year dental student

‘Why Queen’s Belfast?’ is probably one of the first questions to come when people hear about where I study. The main reason I chose Queen’s Belfast was because of its small student to tutor ratio, which I felt was significantly important especially in such a demanding course. Also, I was a late applicant and most schools had already closed their applications, Queen’s was the one and only or exceptional if you like, school that managed to give me an opportunity. Thus without further hesitation my answer to that question will always be, ‘Queen’s chose me‘. 

Do I enjoy the course? Yes! The lecturers are brilliant, and the course content is very interesting. So far the highlight of the course has been clinical observations and dissections.

During my free time I enjoy cooking, believe it or not. I started off with absolutely nothing at all, and today I’ve learnt local irish dishes from my flat mates in Elms. My experience in Belfast has been pleasant apart from difficulties adapting to the unpredictable irish/british weather. The locals are very friendly and welcoming, which made adaptation a lot easier than it would rather be. I like the atmosphere of the traditional restaurants/pubs; which is quite different from pubs back at home because here you feel a sense of welcome, and that one’s presence is always graced by lively traditional music. I also like visiting St. Georges Market as it’s one of best Belfast has to offer in terms of local food and traditional tit bits.

I would love to stay and work in the UK after graduation if possible. Northern Ireland will be definitely be one of my options as it has been reported that teenagers here have some of the highest levels of tooth decay in Europe.

My advice to students who are considering coming to Queens: Be exceptional, choose Queen’s because the quality of education provided is excellent and the staff are always willing to help. In terms of location, you are only a 2 hour bus ride away from Dublin and an hour’s flight to London, so you know where to go during long weekends! There are also a number of support systems like local Churches and youth communities for those of you who are worried of leaving home for the first time.

 "Queen’s has given me the chance to rediscover life- I am living, learning and loving it!"

Stephen Mullan

Graduate of 2012 Stephen Mullan

For me, Queens is a fantastic place to study Dentistry. It has an excellent reputation and has topped the polls when it comes to the UK’s best Dental schools.

The dental course itself is exciting and diverse. You are trained in a wide variety of disciplines at the School of Dentistry, as well as different hospitals and community clinics within the city. The lecturers and tutors are very approachable and encourage you to progress and grow your knowledge base and confidence throughout your time here. We also have several dental and medical societies here at Queen’s, enabling students to pursue their extracurricular interests and enjoy an active social life.

My favourite aspect of the dental course is the clinical work. Every day as students we encounter something new and interesting, and that freshness makes the course very enjoyable. The course offers me everything I want, and most importantly of all, gaining a dental degree from QUB allows me to compete with the best graduates from around the UK and beyond to secure a job.