Sample teaching page Phase 3
Sample screen from Phase 3 online resource

Online learning is used throughout the medical curriculum. There is a need for an appropriate balance to be struck between eLearning and the traditional approaches to teaching and learning. ELearning should enhance the learning experience. Technology can however provide solutions to the increasing challenges including; greater numbers of students, "patient fatigue", wide geographical dispersion and a greater need for accountability and quality assurance. It also plays an important role in ensuring standardisation of approach.

Some of the types of elearning implemented throughout the curriculum include:

  • Recorded lectures
  • Videos – including communication skills teaching, deaf awareness training, clinical skill demonstrations and the use of video to orientate students and contextualise learning
  • Virtual Patients
  • Self-assessment

For further information please contact Clare Thomson, eLearning Developer, at c.thomson@qub.ac.uk.