Intercalated Degrees


Opportunities are provided to study for an Intercalated degree during your medical training. This involves an extra year of study usually taken as a “year out” from the medical course and allows you the opportunity to explore an area of particular interest in much greater depth. It involves a deeper exposure to research and research methods and provides an invaluable experience.

All the intercalated courses are weighted towards research and many students have the opportunity to publish their work or to communicate it at scientific meetings. Irrespective of your future career path intercalated degrees provide a unique exposure to modern science and for many will be the foundation of successful academic careers.

A BSc(Hons) can be intercalated between 2nd and 3rd year or between 3rd and 4th year of the course. Subjects offered include Medical Sciences, Biochemistry and Microbiology. For the exceptional student the possibility exists to intercalate a PhD. These are offered within Queen’s. Students may also explore the possibility of intercalating a degree in another University.

Students currently have the option of intercalating (after Phase 3) a Masters in Public Health (MPH) or a Masters in Research (MRes) that will be intercalated between years 3 and 4 of the Medical course. This will provide a more valuable training and a higher level of degree.

All the detail required can be found in the Intercalated BSc section of the Centre of Biomedical Sciences Education.