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Belfast Medical Student Association (BMSA)

The Belfast Medical Students' Association (BMSA) first established in 1886 recently celebrated its 125th Anniversary and is one of the oldest and largest societys at Queen's (QUB). Our most important goal is to provide a healthy balance between work and having fun! We aim to provide unforgettable memories of your university years.

The committee is run by fourth year students and 4 elected representatives from each year group. We organise social events throughout the year encouraging students to meet new friends within their own year and across the entire school. We are responsible for organising the annual QUB Medicine Faculty Formal held in one of Belfast's most stylish venues!

The BMSA also encourage interaction between other Medical schools across the UK and Ireland by getting involved with inter- medical school sporting events travelling to external universities each year. At the end of each academic year the BMSA make charitable donations to various local charities and we also donate any surplus funds to other medical societies at Queen's.

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Medsin QUB was established over 5 years ago and is the sole Irish branch of the larger non-profit organisation Medsin. Medsin QUB is actively involved in health promotion and health education projects in the community. Projects offered include:

  • CPR in Schools which gives students the chance to teach lifesaving skills to school children
  • Marrow which seeks to recruit donors for the bone marrow register

Medsin also places a strong emphasis upon global health issues and runs talks and information evenings that examine health inequalities worldwide.

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SCRUBS is a society for medical students keen to make the most of medicine while studying at Queen’s. Throughout the academic year, Scrubs offers an exciting and varied programme of workshops, guest lectures and careers evenings. A highlight of the Scrubs calendar is the annual two day emergency medicine conference which draws students from throughout the UK and Ireland. Scrubs events are a great place to get to know students from other year groups and to explore areas of medicine that are outside the core medical curriculum. Since being established in 2004, Scrubs has gone from strength to strength.

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Students Working Overseas Trust (SWOT)

The award winning charitable society SWOT, first established in the 1980s, is run exclusively by fourth year medical students at Queen's University Belfast. It aims to promote the improvement of hospitals and health centres in the Third World and other under-developed countries, facilitating the acquisition of essential medical supplies and the promotion of health care education.

Fund raising activities include blood pressure clinics, bag-packing and carol singing sessions, numerous social events and the annual SWOT Fashion Show. The money raised is given directly to resource poor hospitals across the world by SWOT members undertaking their final year medical elective.


  • 'QUB Society of the Year 2012'
  • Queen’s Volunteering Excellency Awards 'Best Charitable Society of the Year 2012'
  • Queens Student's Union 'QUB Event of the Year 2012' (SWOT Fashion Show)
  • Board of Irish College Societies 'Event of the Year 2012' (SWOT Fashion Show)

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