Year 4 Student

In the first instance all queries regarding admission to medicine should be directed to the Admissions and Access Service. Please call them on 028 9097 3838 or visit their website at

The School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences has 262 places available for candidates applying for 2016 entry to undergraduate medicine. The selection process for medicine is intended to look at the following factors:

  • Consideration of previous academic performance, either school or university grades
  • Assessments of cognitive ability, so-called ‘intelligence testing’ or ‘aptitude testing’ (UKCAT)
  • Assessments of non-cognitive ability. These assessments examine skills and attributes such as the ability to communicate, to empathise and moral reasoning.

There are a number of entry pathways into the Medical school and these include Y14, post A-level and graduate entry. It has been agreed by both the School and University that for 2016 entry there will be a two stage Admissions process. The first stage will recognise past academic achievement along with recognition of the importance of aptitude tests (UKCAT). We do not exclude applicants on the basis of aptitude tests alone. In stage one which is cognitive applicants will be scored and ranked as follows:

  • For Y14 applicants the best 9 GCSEs will be considered with 4 marks for an A star and 3 for an A. Maximum 36 points.
  • For graduates holding a 2;1 Honours degree or better (or predicted to achieve same) and who hold ABB in the specific subject requirements at A-level - 36 points will be allocated
  • For post A-level applicants who already have 3As at A-level and an A at AS Level 36 points will be allocated.
  • For ROI applicants the best 9 junior cert are considered with 4 marks for an A and 2 marks for a B. The maximum mark is 36 points.

All applicants will be required to take UKCAT* in the summer prior to the completion of their UCAS application and their overall score will attract up to six points, see section 3.3 of 2016 Admissions Policy Statement for Medicine (link below). This score will be added to their knowledge based mark and all applicants ranked. The top circa 700 applicants will then be considered under stage 2 of the selection process which will be a nine station multiple mini interview (MMI) to determine non-cognitive performance. MMIs are being used to test non-cognitive competence and the applicant’s personal statement is considered within this process.

*Please note that all applicants are required to sit the UK Clinical Aptitude Test. This is an online test administered at various centres throughout the UK. To find out more please visit their website:

Final decisions about whether or not to make an offer will be made on the basis of interview ranking alone (i.e. Stage 2 results) and not in combination with other factors.

Further details on Admission requirements are given in the Entry Profile on the UCAS website.