Course overview

On completion of the 5 year course the degrees of MB BCh BAO are awarded where MB is Bachelor of Medicine, BCh is Bachelor of Surgery and BAO is Bachelor in the Art of Obstetrics.

Student taking blood pressure

Year 1 and 2

During the first two years of the course you learn about the scientific basis of medical practice. You gain knowledge about each body system focusing on the mechanisms of cellular structure and function. You also study pathology, microbiology, therapeutics and genetics. Teaching of basic science subjects is integrated with clinical skills training which you acquire through clinical simulation and practice with patients.

Year 3

The third year begins to take greater clinical focus. Classroom-based and clinical teaching takes place in each of the medical and surgical disciplines which is integrated with therapeutic, pathological and microbiological principles relevant to clinical medical practice.

Student using ophthalmoscope

Year 4 and 5

During the fourth and fifth years you gain further experience in a range of surgical and medical disciplines. Training in emergency medicine and general practice offers an opportunity for you to consolidate and advance your clinical skills and enhance your clinical and related knowledge. In fifth year your have the opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship during which they complete the range of tasks undertaken by a Foundation Doctor.

Teaching and learning in ethics, communication, teamwork, and related behavioural science is embedded throughout the curriculum.