Clinical Academic Training Programme

Professor Danny McAuley

Professor Danny McAuley, Director of the Clinical Academic Training Programme


Welcome to the Northern Ireland Clinical Academic Training Programme at Queen's University. Trainees at Academic F2, ACF, PhD and ACL level, profiled below, work within a range of disciplines: medical and surgical, laboratory, general practice and public health.  All academic trainees are attached to an internationally recognised clinical investigator in one of the four Research Centres or Centre for Medical Education, which provides opportunity to experience cutting edge clinical and laboratory research. Research opportunities for medical students include intercalated degrees and summer studentships. All our trainees have presented at national and international meetings and written up their work for publication in peer reviewed journals.  The Clinical Academic Training Programme, as outlined in our Clinical Academic Training Guide - Investigate Further, offers opportunities at different levels to experience high quality research and prepare for a future career in research.  We hope you will consider applying for this scheme and participating in world leading research at Queens.