Information for Current Trainees

Information for Current Trainees

The Clinical Academic Training Programme (CATP) at Queen’s is managed by the CATP Board, which comprises members of the University, NIMDTA and the HSC Belfast Trust.  Trainees and medical students are also represented on the Board.  The student representatives are noted below and trainees are encouraged to inform them of issues they would wish to raise:

Sandra McAllister

Beth Malcolmson

Clinical Academic Trainee Board meetings in 2015/16 are scheduled for:

Wednesday 2 March 2015, 2pm

Thursday 16 June 2015, 10am

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Certificate/Diploma in Academic Medicine/Dentistry

The aims of this Certificate/Diploma are:

  • Standardise AF2 attachments
  • Provide a recognised qualification
  • Assess core research skills

This will involve you:

  • Presenting a research proposal
  • Presenting research results
  • Write an extended abstract (whichcan be submitted at meetings/conferences)
  • The project can be continued for one year to develop publication of a research paper (Diploma)


All trainees are attached to an academic supervisor.  Information on the various pathways are: 

ACL and ACF Guide

AF2 Trainee Guide

AF2 Supervisor Guide

Induction and Feedback

All new trainees normally have an induction meeting with the academic lead for each programme at the commencement of the QUB programme.  Dates will be arranged with new trainees.

A Feedback session is held at the end of each placement.

Assessment and Appraisal

The Clinical Academic Training Programme is managed in collaboration with Queen’s, NIMDTA and the Belfast HSC Trust.

AF2 trainees and their supervisor complete an assessment at the end of the 4 month placement.

ACF and ACL trainees complete one ARCP which reports to the annual interview at NIMDTA, which will have a QUB staff member on this Panel. 


ACL/ACF Assessment and Appraisal

ACF/ACL Academic Assessment Form (ARCP)

ARCP Guidelines

AF2 Assessment Form

Clinical Research Seminar

A Clinical Research Seminar is organised within each Research Centre and is available for trainees at ACL, ACF, PhD and MD level.

The current programme for 2014/15 is available here:  Clinical Research Seminar

Seminar Programmes

Each Research Centre also runs a Seminar Programme, which is open to all trainees to attend – these are available on Centre websites:

Centre for Cancer Research & Cell Biology

Centre for Vision and Vascular Science

Centre for Infection and Immunity 

Centre for Medical Education

Centre for Public Health

Funding for travel

Funds of small grants for travel and conferences are available from School Scholarships.  Application forms are available on the School intranet site and should be submitted one week before the advertised meetings of the School’s Scholarships Sub-Committee.

Prizes & Publications

The CATP Board would wish to be informed of any prizes or publications you achieve.  Therefore please report these to CATP Administrator ( as appropriate or at least twice per year (December / May).