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Student Stories

Hiba Khaled

Hiba Khaled

3rd Year International Graduate Medical Student, Calgary Canada

"I spent the better part of my first year at Queen’s answering the questions: Why Belfast? Why Queen’s?

Studying Medicine at Queen’s is not something I would have imagined doing 5 years ago. Studying abroad alone was something I had not even considered doing after finishing my undergraduate degree at home. Initially, the medicine course at Queen’s appealed to me because of the early patient interaction offered in the first semester. However, after finishing my first year I realise there is so much more that Queen’s offers. Teaching staff not only facilitate learning, but they also ensure that students are supported along the way. Help is available throughout the semesters and learning is reinforced through tutorials, practicals and clinical skills workshops.

I really enjoyed the clinical placement where we were able to exercise our clinical skills with real patients. Staff value student feedback highly and do respond with changes to help improve the course.

The nature of the course encourages the forging of friendships with your classmates. Over the course of the year, I have grown close with many people in my class and have gotten to know more people than I anticipated. This has made living away from home much more bearable.

As an international student, I am grateful for the support I have received over the year from the International Student Office. Any anxiety I had about moving to Belfast and starting my career as a Queen’s student subsided as soon as I landed in Belfast International Airport with the warm welcome I received from Queen’s staff. They are there when you need them and they are good at informing international students of upcoming events at the university.

Luke Boyle

Luke Boyle

5th Year Medical Student

For me Queen’s is a fantastic place to study medicine. It is one of the few medical schools left in the UK with a traditional lecture based course, and as Northern Ireland’s only medical school offers unique opportunities to be taught in a diverse range of GP surgeries and hospitals across the province. Importantly, and unlike many other schools, we get clinical experience right from year one in conjunction with our core science lectures. This integration makes for a much more enjoyable learning experience.

Recent years have seen many students including myself study for one of the many intercalated BSc Hons and Masters degrees on offer.

Our medical school has a rapidly growing reputation internationally, presenting more opportunities for studying abroad on elective or even for a full year. We also have several medical societies at Queen’s, enabling students to pursue their extracurricular interests and enjoy an active social life. Crucially, medical graduates from Queen’s are consistently amongst the most competitive in the UK when securing training posts.

Stephen Mullan

Stephen Mullan

4th Year Dental Student

For me, Queens is a fantastic place to study Dentistry. It has an excellent reputation and has topped the polls when it comes to the UK’s best Dental schools.

The dental course itself is exciting and diverse. You are trained in a wide variety of disciplines at the School of Dentistry, as well as different hospitals and community clinics within the city. The lecturers and tutors are very approachable and encourage you to progress and grow your knowledge base and confidence throughout your time here. We also have several dental and medical societies here at Queen’s, enabling students to pursue their extracurricular interests and enjoy an active social life.

My favourite aspect of the dental course is the clinical work. Every day as students we encounter something new and interesting, and that freshness makes the course very enjoyable. The course offers me everything I want, and most importantly of all, gaining a dental degree from QUB allows me to compete with the best graduates from around the UK and beyond to secure a job.