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Film Days


More news about dates for 2018 will be posted here soon.

NICILT Film Days aim to provide opportunities for AS and A2 Language pupils and staff to:-

  • Hear experienced language professional/ university lecturer present introduction to film in target-language
  • Watch film in target-language with English subtitles
  • Attend tailored post-film workshop in target-language focusing on topics, storyline, characters, language and grammar all relevant to film(s)
  • Learn more about target-language culture and life in film setting

What do pupils think?

Some feedback from Autumn 2017 events

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"I thought it was helpful to hear presentations in French and see the whole film in somewhere other than the classroom. It also gave me good experience of a French lecture at Queen’s and has intrigued me greatly."
French Film Day at QFT (19/10/17)
A-level pupil
"It gave me the option to listen to Irish and learn more about the short films we are studying. It was useful for my course and created a great opportunity for speaking Irish and mixing with other pupils who can speak it too. I enjoyed it and the craic was good!"
Irish Film Day at QFT (29/11/17)
A-level pupil
"I thought the day was very enjoyable and informative. It helped me better understand the film and also developed my vocabulary which will be helpful for my exam. I enjoyed the workshop and thought it was useful to do it with Dr Tame."
French Film Day at Thornhill College (22/11/17)
A-level pupil