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School Location

An ariel view of the David Keir Building with the wing that accomodates the School of Psychology circledThe School of Psychology occupies the six floors of the west wing (circled) of the David Keir Building, this is the side of the building that fronts onto the Malone Road. This accommodation previously housed Biology and Chemical Engineering and was refurbished for Psychology in 1993.

The School of Psychology is can be reached by using either the Malone Road entrance or Stranmillis Road entrance of the David Keir Building.

Not all Psychology lectures are held within the School's accommodation, some are held in the large capacity lecture theatres on the Stranmillis Road side of the building.

To get to the David Keir Building on foot from the Lanyon Building (QUB main campus), walk out of the main gates of the campus, turn left on to University Road. Ahead you will see a fork in the road. The Stranmillis Road is to the left, the Malone Road is to the right. To get to lecture theatres LG.024 or LG.115 take the Stranmillis Road. To get to the School of Psychology (including lectures in classrooms 0G.533 or 02.525 or lab classes in 01.522 Large Computer Laboratory) take the Malone Road.

The address of the building is 18-30 Malone Road, Belfast, BT9 5BN, however, please note this is not the School of Psychology's usual mailing address.

The links below will help you find the common venues for Psychology lectures and lab class in the David Keir Building.