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Mindfulness-based intervention for palliative care staff

A mindfulness-based intervention for palliative care staff was launched at Queen’s University to evaluate its effectiveness for improving staff well-being.

Michele Kavanagh (Clinical Psychologist at Queens), Rebecca Hill (Queens PhD student), and Lisa Graham-Wisener (Marie Curie Research Lead

 A research team from Queens, including Dr. Martin Dempster, Prof. Michael Donnelly, Dr. Noleen McCorry, and PhD student Rebecca Hill, have been in collaboration with Marie Curie Hospice Belfast research lead Mrs Lisa Graham-Wisener to implement and evaluate the intervention, which is being facilitated by clinical psychologist Dr Michele Kavanagh. If the pilot study is found to be beneficial for the staff the team hope the mindfulness-intervention can be implemented throughout Marie Curie Hospices to enhance the well-being of staff throughout the organization.