Joseph Elliott

Joseph Elliott - MSc Political Psychology (2015/16)

Throughout the three years of my BSc Psychology degree, I developed a keen interested in politics, especially during my final year which was the year of the United Kingdom’s 2015 general election. I applied for the MSc Political Psychology course as it would bring together these interests and develop my understanding on the political world from a psychological perspective. So far the course has been fascinating, encouraging me to think of current social and political issues in new ways and developing my understanding of the mechanisms by which change is achieved.

I’m undertaking the course part-time, and work full-time along-side this. I’m an active member of the Green Party in Northern Ireland. I’ve been successful in applying for a one-year placement as a social researcher in a Government Department for next year, which will allow me to utilize the skills I have developed as a psychology undergraduate and political psychology student, before returning to complete my final year in the Political Psychology program. I believe that studying Political Psychology will open a new world of employment opportunities for me.