Dr Mihalis Doumas

I did my Undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences and a Masters Degree in Exercise and Health at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

In 2001 I moved to the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham to do my PhD in Timing of Repetitive Movements in the Sensory Motor Neuroscience Lab with Prof Alan Wing. After my PhD, in 2006 I moved to the Department of Psychology, KU Leuven, Belgium where I worked as a postdoctoral fellow for 2 years in a project on age differences in cognitive-balance dual-task performance, and then for 3 years funded by a postdoctoral fellowship from the Research Foundation of Flanders on multitasking and ageing.

In 2011 a lecturer position in the Psychology of Movement became available at the School of Psychology, Queen’s University Belfast. This position was unique and exciting for me because it was very close to my research interests and the School had two well established groups of Sensorimotor Control research lead by Professor Richard Carson and Professor Cathy Craig.

In addition, the interdisciplinary nature of the School’s research together with its unique laboratory facilities, including the Movement Innovation Lab, Brain Stimulation labs and Balance assessment equipment provided me with the opportunity to develop new and exciting aspects of my research on SensoriMotor Neuroscience. I was very excited to be offered the position and to join the School in August 2011.

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