Jessica Geiger

I made the decision to study at Queen’s School of Psychology for a number of different reasons. The biggest draw for me was the impressive staff. I learned that most professors work on their own research while also teaching and I enjoyed the idea of learning from individuals who are active within the field of psychology. I also liked that this was a three year course. Rarely can a student earn a degree in that amount of time back home unless they are part of an accelerated degree program. For more personal reasons I decided to study at Queen’s because of my Irish background. My mother’s side of the family comes from Belfast and I wanted to get in touch with that part of my heritage. Lastly, Northern Ireland is such an ideal place to be if you’re interested in travel, which I very much am!

Queen’s University and the School of Psychology surpassed all my expectations. I was very nervous moving to a different country, being on my own and beginning the next step in my education. All my fears and insecurities were quickly put to rest with the start of orientation week. The School had set up a week where all first years got to know the staff, their peers and the campus. It was very informative and quite fun. Before I knew it I was swept into the hustle and bustle of my first year at Queen’s. The lectures, essays, lab reports and various assignments have kept me very busy. However, despite the late nights studying and cramming I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year in the School of Psychology. It has been a long time since I have studied something that equally interests me and challenges me. Psychology offers both of these things. 

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