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The HUMAINE Centre


The Humaine Centre is a focus for research on new developments in computing that aim to match or mesh with distinctively human capacities, such as emotion, multimodal communication, and expressive communication. It was founded in 2007, and is directed by Professor Roddy Cowie.

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The Centre was founded as part of the European Network of Excellence HUMAINE. HUMAINE brought together 35 institutions, mainly from Europe, with a very wide range of academic backgrounds, but a common interest in ‘emotion-oriented computing’. Professor Cowie was the coordinator.

During the last year of the grant, the consortium established a voluntary organisation, the HUMAINE Association, which promotes research in emotion-oriented computing worldwide. It runs the biennial ACII conferences (previously held in Beijing 2005 and Lisbon 2007), and an award-winning portal.

The HUMAINE Centre is the administrative base of the HUMAINE Association. Current office-holders are

  • Professor Roddy Cowie (Queen’s University Belfast), President
  • Professor Jonathan Gratch (University of Southern California), President-elect
  • Professor Catherine Pelachaud (University of Paris 8), Secretary
  • Dr Marc Schroeder (DFKI, Saarbrucken), Portal editor
  • Professor Jianhua Tao (Beijing), ACII conference co-ordinator

For details of the Association, see the portal:

The main output of the Network can be found at:

The HUMAINE handbook, which is the first systematic guide to the field, was published by Springer in 2011.

The Team at QUB

The HUMAINE team at Queen’s, Belfast, includes staff and postgraduates from 4 Schools:


  • Professor Roddy Cowie
  • Dr Ian Sneddon
  • Dr Will Curran
  • Dr Paul Brunet
  • Dr Gary McKeown
  • Mr Chris Edgar
  • Mr Cian Doherty
  • Mr Gerard Breaden-Madden


  • Professor Ellen Douglas-Cowie

Music and Sonic Arts

  • Dr Paul Stapleton

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Dr Ian O’Neil

Funded research associated with the centre

HUMAINE (2004-2007) EC Framework 6 Network of Excellence on emotion-oriented computing., PI: Roddy Cowie (QUB Psychology)

SEMAINE (2008-2010) EC Framework 7 STREP on emotion-oriented computing. PI: Marc Schroeder (DFKI, Saarbrucken)

CAPSIL (2008-2009) EC Framework 7 co-ordinated action on technology and aging. PI: Ben Knapp (QUB Sonic Arts)

SSPnet (2010 – 2014) EC Framework 7 network of excellence on Social Signal Processing

Ilhaire (2011 – 2014) EC Framework 7 STREP on laughter

Siempre (2010-2013) EC Framework 7 STREP on music and emotion

Selected publications

Edited collections

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Journal articles

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