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Identities, Groups, and Social Change

Five members of academic staff undertake research within the cluster.

The Identities, Groups, and Social Change Cluster are a vibrant research group within the School of Psychology at QUB. There are three strong strands of research activity evident within the cluster: social psychology, political psychology, and health psychology. One key area of our research involves engaging with Northern Ireland’s political context to produce original and influential research on social identities and intergroup conflict. The cluster has research links with the Policing Board and the Department of Justice, and its work has been funded by a number of bodies (ESRC, Northern Ireland Commission for Victims and their Carers; Office of the First and Deputy First Minister, British Council, DelPHI-Iraq Programme). Our findings not only have an impact on social policy and practice nationally but also have a growing international reputation in applying our work to other societies with a history of conflict, including Cyprus, Israel and Palestine. The Cluster has also established the Centre for Research in Political Psychology (CResPP), the only centre of its kind in the UK, and an associated Political Psychology Masters programme. .

PhD Students in the Identities, Groups, and Social Change Research Cluster