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Meet our researchers

Dr Deborah Wells

Mozart, Debussy and Haydn through a dog's ear

It was on the shelves of a US veterinary facility that music producer Joshua Leeds found what he was looking for. It was Dr Deborah Wells' study entitled 'The influence of auditory stimulation on the behaviour of dogs housed in a rescue shelter.’

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Dr Eugene O'Hare

Turning the clock back on Dementia

Through his collaborations with drug development companies focused on discovering new compounds for the treatment of dementia, Dr O'Hare is helping to provide treatment for a disease which touches the lives of millions throughout the world – Alzheimer’s.

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Dr Laura Taylor

The unique challenge of "Generation Peace"

Dr Laura Taylor is part of an interdisciplinary international team in the closing stages of the ambitious six year Northern Ireland Project, a longitudinal study involving 1,000 mother-and-child pairs, examining the relations between political violence and the well-being of children.

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Dr Aidan Feeney

Getting beyond the "blooming buzzing confusion"

William James used the memorable phrase ‘blooming, buzzing confusion’ to describe babies’ initial impressions of the world, and that phrase applies just as well to what we often perceive when we think about our own thinking.

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