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The school's Research Seminars take place on Thursdays at 4:00pm in Classroom DKB 01.403, which is in the Chemistry part of the David Keir Building on the first floor, next to the stairs. For further information contact Mihalis Doumas, School of Psychology

Research Seminar Series Semester 1 2015-16


Thu 1 Oct

Shelley McKeown, University of Bristol

Reminders of us and them: identity and intergroup attitudes

Laura Taylor

Thu 8 Oct

Hugh Nolan, Trinity College Dublin



Mihalis Doumas

Thu 15 Oct

Nicholas Walsh, University of East Anglia

The effects of family-focussed psychosocial adversities on brain structure and function

Teresa Rushe

Thu 22 Oct

PhD students:

Jayne Hamilton



Deborah Kinghan           


Autistic adolescents' and young adults' conceptions about their past, present and future. 


Applying theory-based interventions to encourage successful intergroup contact through Shared Education Programme in Northern Ireland.

Mihalis Doumas

Thu 29 Oct

Dinka Korkalo Biruski, University of Zagreb

Post-conflict community recovery and challenges of social reconstruction


Laura Taylor

Thu 5 Nov

William Flack, Bucknell University, USA

Sexual Assault Among U.S. University Students: European Parallels?

Jocelyn Dautel

Thu 12 Nov

Nancy Garon, Mount Alison University, Canada

Executive function and its implication for early developmental disorders: Are we missing something?

Kate Woodcock

Thu 19 Nov

Marta Marecka,

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

An ear for language - how phonological processing can help new word learning

Tim Fosker

Thu 26 Oct

PhD Students:

Chesney Craig


John Dyer


Ageing and sensory reweighting: a sensory integration balancing act


New musical interfaces for movement performance enhancement

Mihalis Doumas

Thu 3 Dec

Dermot Lynott, Lancaster University

A heated argument or a warm hug? The influence of ambient temperature on prosocial and antisocial behaviours

Aidan Feeney

Thu 10 Dec

Anca Minescu, University of Limerick

Political Activism in Ireland and Ukraine between Ideological Concerns and Models of Collective Action.

Laura Taylor

Thu 17 Dec

Prof. Beth Jefferies University of York


 Aidan Feeney