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Member of the Higher Education Academy [HEA]

Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education [PGCHET] awarded in 2008


PSY1001 Introduction to Psychology 1

PSY2056 Research Methods and Statistics

PSY2064 Perception and Psychobiology


Year 1, 2 and 3 - Personal Tutor/Project supervisor



I obtained my BSc in Psychology in 1998 and PhD [Psychology/Psychopharmacology] in 2002 from Queens University Belfast. As a postdoctoral associate (QUB and University of Ulster), I worked on an epidemiological project that examined the incidence of psychosis in Northern Ireland, as well as the longitudinal course and outcome of patients subsequent to their illness onset [NIFEPS - PIs: Prof. Steven Cooper; Dr Ciaran Mulholland; Dr Teresa Rushe)]. My primary interest was in characterising cognitive functioning in the cohort and examining how this related to sociodemographic, diagnostic, clinical, genetic and anatomical (sMRI) factors (with Dr David Watson, UU).

I joined the Department of Psychiatry at QUB as a lecturer in 2006, moved to the Centre for Public Health in 2008 and subsequently, to the School of Psychology in 2012.

In this research cycle, I have collaborated to merge first episode psychosis databases in Ireland (Prof. John Waddington Cavan-Monaghan first episode psychosis study; Prof Eabhard O'Callaghan/Dr Mary Clarke - Dublin first episode psychosis study) in an attempt to explore issues that require greater statistical power. This resulted in a successful grant application to examine the incidence of suicide and suicide attempts following psychosis onset: HRB Ireland Partnership Award, 2009.

I am collaborating with researchers in NUI-Galway (Prof Colm McDonald and Dr Brian Hallahan) to conduct secondary analyses of sMRI Region of Interest data derived from people with psychosis.

With Dr. Ciaran Shannon (Psychology, QUB) and Dr. Ciaran Mulholland (Medicine, QUB), I have examined the effects of childhood trauma on memory functioning in people with psychosis and have acted as an external supervisor for two DClinPsych projects (QUB) on this topic. These students won the Praxis research prize for this work in 2011.

I have also collaborated with Ageing researchers in the Centre for Public Health (Prof. Peter Passmore and Dr David Craig) to examine neurocognitive functioning as it relates to neurodegenerative disease and its treatment. I am currently supervising a PhD DEL funded student, Ms. Oonagh Thompson, on the topic of brain training in people at high risk of developing dementia. I have also supervised an intercalated student on the topic of neurocognitive functioning in Mild Cognitive Impairment that resulted in a platform presentation and Young Doctors Award from the British Geriatric Society (H Tumelty), a substantial achievement given the student's stage of career.

I have conducted a cross-border comparison of people presenting with symptoms of dementia in Ireland (CARDI - Data-Mining Grant 2011), which represented a collaborative effort with Aging researchers at The Mercer's Institute for Successful Ageing (Prof. Brian Lawlor/Dr. Robert Coen/Ms Irene Bruce) and NUI-Galway (Dr. Bernadette McGuinness).


Barrett SL, Savage G, Coen R., Lawlor B., McGuinness B, Passmore AP, Todd S. A cross-border comparison of the sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of people presenting with memory complaints in Ireland. 2012 CARDI Report. See Research Brief

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