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Martin Dempster's Research Outputs

Dr Martin Dempster

Successful Grant Applications

Psychological Therapies Research in Northern Ireland. A Rapid Review of the Evidence. DHSSPSNI R&D Office. £19,674, 2011, CI

Training in latent variable modelling based on archived social science datasets in Northern Ireland. ESRC RES-046-25-0037. £61,187, 2010, CI

A systematic review of psychosocial factors associated with diabetes self-management and glycaemic control among children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust Discretionary Research Fund. £10,000, 2009, CI

Psychological well-being and breast cancer: The role of illness cognitions and coping. Grant awarded by Breast Cancer Campaign. £12,207, 2008, CI

The assessment and measurement of physical literacy in children. Grant awarded by Sport NI, £39,411, 2008, CI

Enhancing student engagement via an informed and evaluated student-centred induction programme. Grant awarded by the Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund, QUB. £9,613, 2007, CI

Psychological well-being among people with oesophageal cancer – the role of illness cognitions and coping. Grant awarded by Action Cancer. £40,113., 2007, PI

Risks and hazards of blood donation and transfusion – professional and lay knowledge and attitudes to risk in Ireland. Grant awarded by the R&D Office of the HPSSNI. £97,895, 2004, CI

A comparative evaluation of the AgeInfo Database. Grant awarded by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), London. £8,000, 2003, CI

Health and social inequalities relating to cardiac rehabilitation attendance in Northern Ireland: a walking programme for non-attenders. Grant awarded by the R&D Office of the HPSSNI. £150,000, 2003, CI

The effectiveness of using images of oro-facial trauma to reduce “binge” drinking among adolescents. Grant awarded by the British Academy. £3850, 2002, CI

Emotional consequences of cadaver dissection – correlates and mediating factors. Grant awarded by the Learning Teaching Support Network Bioscience. £1087, 2002, PI

Older people at the threshold of care management: a non-randomised controlled trial of rehabilitation. Grant awarded by the South & East Belfast Health & Social Services Trust. £48000, 2000, CI

The development and validation of an individual measure of quality of life among people with heart disease. Grant awarded by the Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke Association. £22305, 1998, PI

An evaluation of the Home from Hospital Services. Grant awarded by the Northern Health and Social Services Board. £6000, 1998, PI


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Peer Reviewed Publications

Breslin, G., McKee, D.P., Dempster, M., Delaney B.J. & Murphy, M.H. (in press). The effect of teachers trained in a fundamental movement skills programme on children’s self-perceptions and motor competence. European Physical Education Review,

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Lok, A., Shannon, C. & Dempster, M. (in press). A survey of clinical psychologists to explore their decision to supervise trainee clinical psychologists. Clinical Psychology Forum.

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