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Dr Donncha Hanna

Photo of Donncha Hanna




Room 0G.442, David Keir Building
School of Psychology
Queen's University Belfast
Belfast, BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland, UK


+44 (0)28 9097 5549

I have completed all my higher education at Queen’s University Belfast; graduating in 1999 with BSc (1st Class Hons) Psychology and again in 2004 with a PhD in Psychology and Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching. In 2003 I took up a post in the School of Psychology as a Teaching Fellow. Since 2005 I have been employed as a Lecturer in Statistics, Research Methods and Design with an emphasis on multivariate statistics.

School of Psychology Administrative Roles

  • Adviser of Studies
  • BPS Academic Departmental Liaison
  • Education Committee
  • Module coordinator: PSY2059 Research Methods and Group Project
  • Module coordinator: PSY3071 Applied Psychological Measurement
  • Module coordinator: PSY7065 Quantitative Data Analysis 1
  • Module coordinator: PSY7066 Quantitative Data Analysis 2

PSY1001 Introductory Psychology 1 (role: tutor)

PSY1002 Introductory Psychology 2 (role: tutor)

PSY2056 Research Methods and Statistics (role: tutor)

PSY2059 Research Methods and Group Project (role: module coordinator, lecturer, tutor)

PSY3001 Thesis (role: supervisor)

PSY3071 Applied Psychological Measurement (role: module coordinator, lecturer, tutor)

PSY7051 Research Design and Professional Skills (role: lecturer)

PSY7065 Quantitative Data Analysis 1 (role: module coordinator, lecturer)

PSY7066 Quantitative Data Analysis 2 (role: module coordinator, lecturer)

Member of the Health and Social Issues Research Cluster

My research interests include psychometrics and applied individual differences focusing on the area of mental health. I am interested in psychological trauma, anxiety disorders, psychosis and associated correlates. I also have an interest in the pedagogy of teaching quantitative methodology and students’ attitudes and experiences of learning statistics.

Recent Publications

Dorahy, M. & Hanna, D. (2012) Shame, intimacy and self-definition: An assessment of the emotional foundation and intimate relationship consequences of an introjective personality orientation. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 200(8), 699-704.

Breslin, G., Brennan, D., Rafferty, R., Gallagher, A.M. & Hanna, D. (2012) The effect of a healthy lifestyle programme on 8–9 year olds from social disadvantage. Archives of Disease in Childhood, 97 (7), 618-624.

Breslin, G., Gossrau-Breen, D.,  McCay, N., Gilmore, G., MacDonald, L. & Hanna, D. (2012) Physical Activity, Gender, Weight Status, and Wellbeing in 9- to 11-Year-Old Children: A Cross-Sectional Survey. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 9, 394-401.

Ruggeri, K., Dempster, M. & Hanna, D. (2011) The impact of misunderstanding the nature of statistics. Psychology Teaching Review, 17, 35-40.

Hanna, D., White, R., McParland, M., Lyons, K., Shannon, C. & Mulholland C. (2011) The factor structure of Beck’s Hopelessness Scale in a student sample. Personality & Individual Differences, 51, 12-22.

Redpath, S.J., Williams, W.H., Hanna, D., Linden, M.A., Yates, P. & Harris, A. (2010) Healthcare professionals’ attitudes towards Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): The influence of profession, experience, aetiology and blame on prejudice towards survivors of brain injury. Brain Injury, 24(6), 802-811.

Lyttle, N., Dorahy, Hanna, D. & Huntjens, R.J.C. (2010) Conceptual and Perceptual Priming and Dissociation in Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 119(4), 777-790.

Dorahy, M.J., Corry, M., Shannon, M., MacSherry, A., Hamilton, G., McRobert, G., Elder, R. & Hanna, D. (2009) Complex PTSD, interpersonal trauma and relational consequences: Findings from a treatment-receiving Northern Irish sample. Journal of Affective Disorders, 112, 71-80.

Dorahy, M.J., Shannon, C., Seagar, L., Corr, M., Stewart, K., Hanna, D. & Mulholland, C. (2009) Auditory hallucinations in dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia with and without a childhood trauma history: Similarities and differences. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 197(12), 892-898

Hanna, D., Sneddon, I.A., & Beattie, V.E. (2009) The influence of stockperson's personality and attitudes on the productivity of dairy cows. Animal: An International Journal of Animal Bioscience, 3, 737-743.

Hanna, D., & Dempster, M. (2009) The effect of statistics anxiety on students’ predicted and actual test scores. Irish Journal of Psychology (special issue), 30(3-4), 201-210.

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Ruggeri, K., Dempster, M., Hanna, D., & Cleary, C. (2009) Experiences and Expectations: The real reason nobody likes stats. Psychology Teaching Review, 14(2), 75-83.

Hanna, D., Shevlin, M. & Dempster, M. (2008) The structure of the Statistics Anxiety Rating Scale: A confirmatory factor analysis using UK psychology students. Personality & Individual Differences, 45(1), 68-74.

Page, D. & Hanna, D. (2008) Peer-mentoring: the student’s perspective. Psychology Learning and Teaching, 7(2), 34-37.

Linden, M.A., Hanna, D., and Redpath, S.J. (2007) The influence of aetiology and blame on prejudice towards survivors of brain injury. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 22, 665-673.

Hanna, D., Sneddon, I.A., Beattie, V.E. and Breuer, K. (2006) Effects of the stockperson on dairy cow behaviour and milk yield. Animal Science, 82, (6), 791-797.

Book Contributions

Hanna, D., (2005) in Davey, G. (Ed.). Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Psychology. London: Hodder Arnold.

Selected Conference Presentations

Hanna, D. & Breslin, G. (2011) Do active children feel better?
Sponsored symposium at the BPS Annual conference, Glasgow, UK. April 2011

Hanna, D. (2009) Individual Differences in Statistics Anxiety.
The International Society for the Study of Individual Differences, Illinois, USA. July 2009

Hanna, D. (2009) The problem with research is statistics: A survey of psychology undergraduate students.
The BPS Annual conference, Brighton, UK. April 2009

Hanna, D. (2008) Factors influencing Statistics Anxiety in UK Psychology Students.
The Third International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology, St. Petersburg, Russia. July 2008.

Hanna, D. (2008) Individual Differences in Statistics Anxiety. Proceedings of the British Psychological Society.
The Northern Ireland BPS conference, May 2008

Hanna, D. (2008) Are psychology students’ aware of their own statistical competence? Proceedings of the British Psychological Society.
The Annual BPS conference, April 2008

Hanna, D. (2007) Statistics anxiety & attributes in psychology students; effects on performance and perceptions. Proceedings of the British Psychological Society.
The Scottish BPS conference, November 2007

Hanna, D. (2007) Individual differences in statistics marks in psychology students. The Irish Psychologist.
The Psychological Society of Ireland conference, November 2007

Hanna, D. & Cooper. C. (2006) Reversal theory: Does it really add to our understanding of motivation? Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Personality.
The European Conference on Personality, July 2006

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The Psychological Society of Ireland conference, November 2006

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