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Dr John Kremer

Photo of John Kremer

Visiting Researcher



Room 02.530, David Keir Building
School of Psychology
Queen's University Belfast
Belfast, BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland, UK


+44 (0)28 9097 4511

Up until 2011, John was a half-time Reader in the School and he now holds an honorary research post. His research has spanned both equality/diversity at work and sport/exercise psychology.

John Kremer Full CV  


Date Amount Sponsor Project
1986 £6,500 Equal Opportunities Commission Attitudes to Women
1989 £6,000 Equal Opportunities Commission Sexual Harassment Survey
1989 £3,700 Fair Employment Agency Selection & Recruitment
1990/91 £27,000 Equal Opportunities Commission Women’s Working Lives
1990/95 £40,000 Dept. of Economic Development Enterprise Evaluation
1992/3 £20,000 Policy Planning Research Unit Childcare Services in NI
1993/5 £25,000 Equal Opportunities Commission / Chief Executives Forum Evaluation of Gender in the NI Public Service
1993/5 £60,000 Sports Council for NI Young People & Sport in NI
1996 £3,000 Equal Opportunities Commission NI Public Sector Update
1995/8 £4,000 Barrow-Cadbury Trust Sport participation
1997/8 £3,000 DOE(NI) Harassment Policies
1997/8 £35,000 Equal Opportunities Commission Evaluation of Gender in the NI Private Sector
1998/9 £35,000 Equal Opportunities Commission Atypical Working
1998 £1,000 Fair Employment Commission Sectarian Harassment Pack
1999 £1,000 Equal Opportunities Commission Selection & Recruit. Pack
1998/9 £7,000 DHSS Harassment Policies
1999/00 £80,000 Probation Service / Youthnet Young men and violence
1999/00 £10,000 Equality Commission EQIA Guidelines
2002 £9,000 Office of the First Minister Public Consultation Review
2002/4 £28,000 Employers for Childcare Evaluation Project
2003/6 £120,000 European Community Peace 2 Impact of the Troubles

TOTAL: £526,200


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