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Dr Karen Trew

Photo of Karen Trew

Visiting Researcher



Room 02.530, David Keir Building
School of Psychology
Queen's University Belfast
Belfast, BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland, UK


+44 (0)28 9097 4543

I came to Belfast from London in 1961 and completed both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Queen’s University. My first job was with the Northern Ireland Council for Educational Research which was housed within the Psychology Department and after eight years I moved back into the Department as a lecturer. The Department of Psychology is now a School of Psychology. It has moved from Lennoxvale to the David Keir Building. I am now Reader, married to John ,a mother of one daughter and a grandmother.


My current research extends my long-term interest in relating academic scholarship in the area of social psychology with practice and policy especially in relation to children and young people. I maintain a strong interest in the impact of curriculum and the social context in both the early years and the transitions in the educational process. These areas of research are linked to research on the nature and development of multiple identities and a range of studies that have explored dimensions of intergroup relations in Northern Ireland


  • Applied Social Psychology (increasingly these topics overlap)
  • Early Years Enriched Curriculum Evaluation Project

Selected Articles

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Books and chapters

A5. Lowry, G. Kremer, J & Trew, K. (2007). Young people, physical health, exercise and recreation. (Pp19-40) In J. Coleman, L. Hendry& M. Kloep (eds) Adolescence and Health Wiley Series in understanding adolescence, Chichester John Wiley

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Recently Completed Projects

Selected Recent Research Grants

2003- 2005: The Legacy of the Troubles. 120,000 via ADM/CPA under the Peace 11 Programme which is part-financed by the UK and Irish Government (With Muldoon, O., Kremer, J., Horgan, J. (Cork) & Taylor, M (Cork) Further details can be found at

2003- 2005: Intergenerational transmission of ethno national identity on the Irish border, 330,000 from the Higher Education Authority Peace and Reconciliation Research Fund. (With Muldoon, O. & Todd, J., (UCD)). Further details can be found at

2003-2005: Factors influencing the Efficacy of Food Risk and Dietary Communications. £197,661 from Safefood (With Muldoon, O., Barnett, J (Surrey), & Breakwell, G. (Bath). Further details can be found at

Current funded projects

2005-2008: Impact of the Enriched Curriculum over time. £339,600 from CCEA (with McGuinness, C. & Rafferty, H.) further details

2006 -2008: The Legacy of the Troubles II: trauma, identity and remembrance. £80,000 from EUSSPPR via Border action (With Muldoon, O. Todd, J. (UCD) & Kremer, J

2007-2008: Life and Times survey module –Beyond gross divisions: National and religious identity combinations in Northern Ireland. £ 75,000 from ESRC (With Muldoon, O, Devine, P. Todd, J (UCD) & Kremer, J).

2007: Development of national identification in adolescence. £7,500 from British Academy (With Muldoon, O)