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What is psychology?

Psychology Students in the David Keir Building QuadranglePsychology is defined as the scientific study of behaviour and so virtually anything which is related to the behaviour of humans and other animals is potentially relevant to psychology. Psychologists have set themselves the task of describing behaviour scientifically and objectively, and of constructing theories which allow the dazzling variety and complexity of behaviours to be related to underlying principles.

Many people enter psychology with little previous experience of the subject, unsure as to whether it will suit their interests and career plans. Rest assured that there is a place for many kinds of mind in the study and application of psychology. Sensitive observation and description, rigorous logical or mathematical thinking, and sound common sense all play their part.

For those who are concerned to be of direct use to society, there are a wide variety of applications for our existing knowledge in fields such as education, medicine, and industry, and an even wider variety of problems to which psychological methods and knowledge can be applied.

Our Studying Psychology Quiz may help you understand what studying Psychology at undergraduate level might involve and lead to.