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Part Time Study

We have a history of supervising students who wish to study for their PhD on a part-time basis, and part-time students are likely to become more numerous in the current economic and funding climates. There are many reasons why a postgraduate student might decide to study part-time but the most frequent is that they are combining their studies with a job. In the School of Psychology we recognise the demands that such an arrangement can place on students and we are happy to facilitate part-time students in balancing the multiple demands on their time as much as  possible. For example, we adopt a flexible approach to the timing of the postgraduate training modules which all of our postgraduates must undertake and which we believe are so important to their development as researchers.

All of our part-time students are assigned supervisors in the School. Because they are part-time they will not see their supervisors as frequently as do full-time students, however because part-time PhDs take longer than full-time PhDs, part-time students receive just as much supervision as full-time students over the course of their doctoral studies.  In addition, supervision sessions and other elements of the PhD programme are planned in a way which provides part-time students with the necessary structure and support to maintain the momentum of their studies and ensure that the PhD is completed in the required time.  Part-time students are allocated to a shared office where they have access to computing facilities and they have the access to laboratory facilities required by their project.

We consider carefully the projects undertaken by part-time students to ensure that they can feasibly be completed by a part-time student. Many projects can feasibly be completed part-time, but it is sometimes in the interests of the student, the supervisor and the School, if a particular project is not permitted under the part-time route.

If you are considering part-time study towards a PhD please contact a prospective supervisor in advance of making your application. They will be able to offer you realistic advice about the feasibility of your project. Feel free also to contact Dr Aidan Feeney the Postgraduate Tutor, who will also be happy to discuss your application.