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Developing an Auditory Processing Screening Test for Pre-schoolers

Funded PhD Studentship

Dr Tim Fosker (Psychology)

Dr Trevor Agus (Creative Arts)

Auditory ProcessingThis PhD project will develop an auditory screening test for pre-schoolers to guide early language and literacy interventions.

The development of assessment tools for early identification of language and literacy difficulties is essential to the early implementation of interventions for children with these difficulties. However, early intervention requires screening tests appropriate for young children, whose language abilities are limited. To overcome this challenge, novel auditory tasks will be developed that make use of the known predictive relationship between children’s ability to use relatively simple auditory cues and their developing language and literacy skills (e.g. Huss, Verney, Fosker, Mead & Goswami, 2011).

The resulting test battery will then be assessed and standardised with typically developing children and those at genetic and environmental risk of language and literacy difficulties, creating a basis on which to establish an early screening tool for language and literacy difficulties.

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