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Jabr Almutairi, Postgraduate Research Student

PhD student Jabr AlmutairiContact Details


Office Room Number: OG.435

QUB Phone extension: +44 (0) 28 9097 4217

Project Details

First Supervisor: Professor Evanthia Lyons

Second Supervisor: Dr Sam Pehrson

PhD Title: What are the difficulties facing Security employees when dealing with foreign immigrants in Saudi Arabia

Summary of Project

Saudi Arabia is located in the central Arab it is considered the most scared land for Muslims worldwide. Many people come to visit and perform Hajj (pilgrims) on a yearly basis. Also the Saudi Arabia is an attraction for many skilled foreign workers and immigrants who are seeking better lives away from their homes. Many of crimes in country are often attributed to foreign immigrants, therefor the security forces or police officers often have to interact with immigrants who are suspected or are accused of having committed a crime. As result of the crimes or the problems caused by foreign immigrants (legal or illegal)and foreign workers the police forces might develop a negative attitude towards them. Hence the purpose of the research is to examine the psychological difficulties facing the security forces or police officers when dealing with immigrants within Saudi Arabia

Research Cluster: Health and Social issues