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Rosemary McKeever, Postgraduate Research Student

PhD student Rosemary McKeeverContact Details


Year: 2

Project Details

First Supervisor: Dr Lesley Storey

Second Supervisor: Dr Martin Dempster

PhD Title: "Discursive representations of collective identity in relation to immigrant populations in Northern Ireland" (working title)

Research Cluster: Indentities, Groups & Social Change

Forthcoming Publications

McKeever, E.R., Reed, R., Pehrson, S., Storey, L. & Cohrs, J.C. . How Racist Violence Becomes a Virtue: An Application of Discourse Analysis. International Journal of Conflict and Violence. 'Qualitative research on prejudice' focus section.


McKeever, E.R., Reed, R., Pehrson, S., Storey, L. & Cohrs, J.C. (2012). When violence is a virtue: A discursive analysis of a loyalist response to Chinese immigrants in post-conflict Belfast. Paper presented at BPS Social Psychology Section Annual Conference 2012, St Andrew's University.

McKeever, E. R. (2012). The “race hate capital of Europe” or “the UK's friendliest city”? Constructing 'receiving' and immigrant community identity in the Belfast newsprint media. Paper presented at “Discourse, Communication, Conversation” Conference, Loughborough University, 2012. 

McKeever, E.R. (2011). Perspectives on immigrants and their host communities in Northern Ireland: A rationale for a discursive approach. Paper presented at School of Psychology Postgraduate Conference, Queen's University Belfast, 2011.