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Ryan Mitchell, Postgraduate Research Student

PhD student Ryan MitchellContact Details


Year: 2nd

Project Details

First Supervisor: Dr Donncha Hanna

Second Supervisor: Dr Kevin Dyer

PhD Title: Modelling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Summary of Project: The dominant cognitive theory of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), as formalised by Salkovskis (1999) in his schematic model, has been influential in informing successful psychological therapies for OCD. However, whilst psychological therapies are currently as effective as medication, OCD remains difficult to treat, and therapies could be improved via a greater understanding of the psychological processes that fuel the disorder. Other authors have suggested factors which are not included in Salkovskis' model as being relevant to OCD, including meta-cognitive and self-sensitivity beliefs, amongst others. We are using structural equation modelling in a large sample of undergraduates to assess Salkovskis' model, whilst accounting for salient factors which are unaccounted for in the present model. 

Research Cluster: Animal Behaviour, Health and Wellbeing

Research Interests

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, assessing psychological therapies for mental disorders. The role of shame and guilt in mental disorders.


QUB postgraduate conference 2011: - presentation on obsessive compulsive disorder

NIBPS conference 2011 – presentation on the influence of shame and guilt in substance use disorders.