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Sinéad Rooney, Postgraduate Research Student

Contact Details


Year: 1st

Project Details

First Supervisor: Dr. Lesley Storey

Second Supervisor: Dr. Martin Dempster

PhD Title: Couples talking about sensitive issues: a narrative analysis of the herpes journey in the heterosexual relationship

Summary of Project: The project aims to assess the impact of the herpes simplex virus (HSV) on the heterosexual relationship. With the virus being both latent and chronic in nature, primary symptomatic episodes can occur in the context of a long-term monogamous relationship. The research hopes to assess the experience of couples infected with HSV in Northern Ireland, leading to proposed new strategies and interventions to address the psychological impact of HSV and raise awareness of the infection to promote the prevention of transmission.

Research Cluster: Social Issues

Research Interests

MSc Atypical Child Development:
Research into social attention patterns in Williams Syndrome


Eye tracking social attention patterns among individuals with Williams Syndrome MSc Atypical Child Development Conference 16/09/11

Additional Information

SAFE at Queens
In 2011, I established a volunteer sexual health awareness and promotion group for Queens. If you are interested in volunteering you can contact me directly via email, or you can add us on Facebook (search Safe At Queens) for more information on sexual health services, charities and clinics in Belfast.