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Program Content

The Doctorate in Clinical Psychology consists of 18 compulsory modules. These modules are taken at three levels - mapping onto three years of training. Modules vary in size to reflect different effort hours involved, and include:

  • Clinical Presentations – examination of the features and aetiologies related to a variety of clinical presentations across the lifespan
  • Psychological Assessment and Formulation – knowledge and skills related to utilising psychometric, interview, observational and other methods of psychological assessment to arrive at a psychological formulation
  • Psychological Therapies – competency in two evidence based therapeutic approaches including CBT and one other (e.g. psychodynamic, systemic, social constructionist)
  • Personal and Professional Development – PPD skills are promoted through all aspects of the program (academic, clinical and research). A taught PPD program runs across training years and all trainees attend regular Reflective Practice Groups or Personal Awareness Groups
  • Practice Placements - trainees undertake one year long and four 6 month placementsHealth Service or other settings. Learning objectives need to be demonstrated with client groups across the lifespan (e.g. children, adults, older adults), who present with a variety of difficulties (e.g. acute to severe and enduring) and from a range of demographic backgrounds
  • Research – Trainees undertake two research projects - one large scale (with generalisable and conceptual applications) and one smaller scale piece of service-related research

Clinical, academic, research and personal and professional competencies are assessed through placement performance, academic coursework, research portfolio, written examinations, formal review, and a final viva.

The Programme Specification for the D.Clin.Psych. course is outlined in the Course Handbooks. These regulations outline the learning objectives for training; in addition they state that candidates shall pursue the compulsory modules of academic study, supervised practice in clinical psychology and research.