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Undergraduate Studies

Students walking under the arch at the Lanyon Building

Degree Programme

The Single Honours degree is the three-year BSc. In the first year of the course you take two compulsory psychology modules and possibly a third psychology module, along with other modules in other subjects to a total of six. In subsequent years you study six psychology modules each year.

The Blue Book

This Handbook is designed to help students enrolled on undergraduate programmes in the School of Psychology orientate themselves to their studies and contains important information about the University and the School. It contains the essential information you need to begin your studies.

The Blue Book’s friend is the companion book to the School of Psychology’s Blue Book. The Blue Book contains vital information; its Friend contains more detail and study guides to flesh out the information provided in the Blue Book. The Blue Book’s Friend is only available on-line and is updated regularly. Its format is based loosely on the major headings used in the Blue Book.