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Studying Psychology Quiz

Here are some questions and answers which we think will help prospective students to understand what studying Psychology at undergraduate level might involve and lead to.

1. In the study of psychology, you learn to influence individuals or groups to control their behaviour. 

2. In the study of psychology, you learn to conduct therapy sessions.

3. For the study of psychology, intuition is more important than logic.

4. For the study of psychology one needs special mathematical skills.

5. For the study of psychology no specific prior training is required.

6. In the study of psychology one gets to know the symptoms of different mental disorders.

7. The planning, implementation and evaluation of scientific studies is part of a psychology degree.

8. Students in psychology should have fixed ideas about their future profession.

9. The study of psychology prepares you primarily for work as a psychotherapist.

10. Psychologists seeking a career as an academic most commonly follow their first psychology degree with a research doctorate (PhD).

11. Every psychology graduate works as a psychologist.

12. Graduates of psychology end up in a very wide variety of careers.