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Intersections of violence in childhood, learning outcomes & inclusive education


2/10/2017 - 2/10/2017


1:00PM - 2:00PM


TR4, The Graduate School



Exploring the intersections of violence in childhood, learning outcomes and inclusive educational practices: towards a new conceptual model

Dr Gillean McCluskey's research, teaching and writing focuses on two related fields of endeavour; a) restorative practices in education and b) exclusion from school. Restorative practice (RP) examines relationships and conflict in school and represents a rapidly developing field of international interest. Her own involvement in this area arises out of a professional and academic interest in, and concern about, the experiences of children and young people who experience disciplinary suspension/ exclusion and marginalisation. Underpinning these interests is a concern more broadly about inequalities in education.  Her work aims to contribute to understanding the impact of inequalities in education by advancing first, our understanding of exclusion from school and, secondly, the role that RP may have in mediating this. She has worked in mainstream schools and alternative settings with young people in trouble and at risk, and maintains a close interest in the lived experiences of schooling, and the importance of listening to young people. 

Prof Laura Lundy


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Intersections of violence in childhood, learning outcomes & inclusive education

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